The Stress Less Pencil
The Stress Less Pencil Mini-Pod
Prompt: The Explorer's Journal

Prompt: The Explorer's Journal

Connecting to the nature around you.

I'm very excited to be introducing this podcast version of the Stress Less Pencil, where I'll be sharing past and new art prompts and talking about the power of art to improve our mental health and well-being.

In this first episode, we're revisiting the Explorer's Journal prompt, which aims to help us connect to our surroundings.

You can find the full written version and my example in this post:

The Stress Less Pencil
Prompt #1 - Explorer’s Journal Entry
When we’re stuck in a rut, trying to keep up with all our chores, tasks, appointments, and emails, we can easily get disconnected from the world around us. We don’t notice other people, because our eyes are fixed on our phones. We don’t hear the birds in the trees, because we’re listening to a podcast. We don’t see the flowers, because our mind is elsewh…
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The Stress Less Pencil
The Stress Less Pencil Mini-Pod
Creative prompts for happiness - your weekly guide to using creativity to manage the stress and emotional ups and downs of life. A bit like yoga or meditation, but with colours 🌈✏
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