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Personal Values and Zines

Personal Values and Zines

Making a publication about your values

Following Friday's Zine prompt, in this episode, we take a closer look at our values, what they are, how we can identify them, and why it's essential for our well-being to live in alignment with them.

We also talk more about Zines, just how cool they are, and how to use this great medium to channel your values.

Here is the full prompt:

The Stress Less Pencil
Prompt #33 - The Zine
I recently rewatched the fantastic movie Moxie. It's about 16-year-old named Vivian who discovers her mom's punk rock past, including her cool leather jacket, her incredible mix tapes, and the zines she and her friends used to create to add their voices to whatever needed protesting at the time…
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The Stress Less Pencil
The Stress Less Pencil Mini-Pod
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